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Trends for ’17

Each year we marvel at how subtle change is. We noted the calendar says it’s a new year…but wasn’t it just a new year a few weeks..months ago?

Those small and subtle individual changes slowly gain momentum and over time start to influence our patterns of behavior, beliefs, even laws. These are ‘Trends and for the most part, we just accept them as ‘popular’ ideas and move on.

Each of these subtle changes begins somewhere… (homes, schools, and the church) and are dynamic. Our responses to these issues and ideas can make a difference. We must  be ready to speak into these trending changes and to do that we need to pay attention! 

So what are the ‘trends for 2017?

Why do they even matter for today’s parent or pastor?… Because all of us will eventually ‘bump’ into these changes and they are going to impact our kids. They are complicated and important to consider, they will require contemplation and thought. Some of them are good… many are not. All of these changes together will require a Holy Spirit inspired response and a good deal of Faith in God’s promises.

Anticipation of those changes is the first step to parental stewardship and we encourage you to prepare to answer those cultural ‘voices’ that have your kids attention. 

Barna Research Group has an excellent and affordable resource for you or your church to consider. The 2017 Barna Trends is available and at $21.00 is a tremendous value.


Equipping and encouraging parents and pastors in a post-Christian era is our mission at Brilliantly Brave, and we are grateful for those who share our passion to influence our culture for Christ. David Kinnaman and the Barna Research Group are at the very tip of the spear and we applaud them for their ongoing service to the Christian community of Faith. If you’re unfamiliar with their work and expertise… you should make a lingering visit to their website and found out more. You won’t regret the investment of time.






Brilliantly Brave Parenting

Brilliantly Brave Parenting

I heard the phrase ‘brilliantly brave‘ during a prayer at my parish in Columbia TN. (props to Tanya Grabbe)

It struck a note with me… you know that tingling sensation… resonating with something deeper inside your heart. A connecting point between a vague idea you had and a specific phrase that captures the essence of your thought.

“Brilliantly Brave’ was exactly what I had been searching for. It described how I saw moms and dads and parents across the globe trying to raise up decent kids in an insane and out of control world.

“Brilliantly Brave’.

I Love the feelings those two words evoke, the sense of raw courage and strength they lend to any phrase. And of course… they also work perfectly for a new podcast I’m developing with iShine and the Tween Gospel Alliance (TGA), a series designed specifically for parents who are struggling and feeling a lot less than ‘brilliant or brave!


In Our culture it’s common to google an answer to almost any issue we face. Wanna know how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey to perfection? Google it.

Wanna discover how to fix a drywall mistake on your living room wall? Google it.

Wanna fix your 12 year old’s attitude… Google it…?

 We’re trained to ask “Siri’ or “Alexa’ to scour the internet for answers. To locate the smartest and best way to fix our problem. Very little discernment required for most of life’s little problems. 

Raising kids of course is way more complicated than a new recipe or DIY project. So who do you turn to for parenting advice? Where do you go to get answers for relational challenges like growing, hormonal, teens/tweens?

Very few of us would turn to the mirror in our search. Even less of us would ever consider our advice or insights as “brilliant’. I hope I can change that misperception.

My suggestion isn’t to chuck every other idea or advice out there, but to encourage you to cautiously peruse whatever it is “Siri’ suggests. Friends and family are always ready to give advice, and of course you’re local pastor or priest is a great place to go for some sage counsel… but what about you?

What if you put your own name on the door and listened to what God was saying directly to you about your problem? What if you seriously spent some time with the bible, you’re spouse, and in prayer?

Would God answer?

Would God actually give you insight and wisdom as to how to respond and parent? Maybe even show you the specific keys to your kids heart?

Yes… He would.

If you share my Christian worldview even a little… you recognize that in God’s Kingdom, there are no coincidences. The child you have has been hand-picked for you and you for them. No way someone else has a deeper insight than you into the inner workings of your kids heart. Aided by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the strength of faith you can go where no expert can, right to the very center mass of the issue surrounding your problem.

That means you are the most “Brilliant” parent possible for ‘your child.

Now… if only we were “Brave‘ enough.


Pastor Brad.

President: TGA / iShine – @Bradmathias /

Launching Feb 7th 2017!

Brilliantly Brave; Parenting in a post-Christian world is coming very soon.

A series of topical discussions on current and emerging cultural issues will be the primary focus of our blog and Podcast. We will focus on the concerns relevant to parents of Faith and we will be approaching topics and concerns of parents from a Faith based perspective.

Hosted by Brad Mathias (Pastor, Author, and Media Executive) and Robert Beeson (Founder of iShine, Author, and Blended family expert), Brilliantly Brave will include current social trends, real-life parenting support, and resources for those who are simply wearing thin.

We are currently in pre-production for our PodCast / Blog schedule and have a full series of excellent programs for 2017!  Included in our plans are interviews with a variety of guests. Best selling authors, parenting experts, and real-life parents. (See the Spring ’17 broadcast schedule) 

We want this to be a helpful, fun, and inspiring project full of hope and encouragement. All of our topics and guest interviews will be down-to-earth practical, with real life issues every parent can identify with and benefit from.

We plan to launch Tuesday, February 7th, 2017.

10 am central.

Can’t wait for you to join us!

Pastor B.and Robert.

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