Each year we marvel at how subtle change is. We noted the calendar says it’s a new year…but wasn’t it just a new year a few weeks..months ago?

Those small and subtle individual changes slowly gain momentum and over time start to influence our patterns of behavior, beliefs, even laws. These are ‘Trends and for the most part, we just accept them as ‘popular’ ideas and move on.

Each of these subtle changes begins somewhere… (homes, schools, and the church) and are dynamic. Our responses to these issues and ideas can make a difference. We must  be ready to speak into these trending changes and to do that we need to pay attention! 

So what are the ‘trends for 2017?

Why do they even matter for today’s parent or pastor?… Because all of us will eventually ‘bump’ into these changes and they are going to impact our kids. They are complicated and important to consider, they will require contemplation and thought. Some of them are good… many are not. All of these changes together will require a Holy Spirit inspired response and a good deal of Faith in God’s promises.

Anticipation of those changes is the first step to parental stewardship and we encourage you to prepare to answer those cultural ‘voices’ that have your kids attention. 

Barna Research Group has an excellent and affordable resource for you or your church to consider. The 2017 Barna Trends is available and at $21.00 is a tremendous value.


Equipping and encouraging parents and pastors in a post-Christian era is our mission at Brilliantly Brave, and we are grateful for those who share our passion to influence our culture for Christ. David Kinnaman and the Barna Research Group are at the very tip of the spear and we applaud them for their ongoing service to the Christian community of Faith. If you’re unfamiliar with their work and expertise… you should make a lingering visit to their website and found out more. You won’t regret the investment of time.